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Increase your home’s potential
Staging is an effort to create a desire in the mind of a buyer to own a particular home.

Most home buyers buy homes based on emotion not logic or your “to do” list. Staging is an effort to create a buyers “dream home” along with the belief that a buyer could be happy in this home. Staging helps to present your home in the best possible light, it makes your home stand out in a crowded real estate market by focusing attention on the good characteristics of the home while minimizing the defects. It is the depersonalization of an existing home in order to create the perfect environment where a buyer can say, “yes”, I could live here. “Yes”, the dining room will hold Mother’s table. “Yes” the family room would be fun to come home to.

First impressions are important and come into play at the curb. Make certain that the front door is clean and shining, turn on the porch light if viewings are after dark, place a new door mat at the entrance, have fresh flowers in pots or healthy plants on either side of the entryway.

The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Keep counters immaculately clean, organize your drawers and pantry and keep all waste baskets out of sight.

Pack 2/3 of everything you own which includes personal items (such as clothing and sports equipment) that you will not need for the next 60 days. Put away family photos, collections, etc…this will create the illusion of lots of space both in rooms and in closets. If there is too much clutter, the buyer will not be able to see the house.

Leave nothing on the floor except furniture.

Clean Sells! Clean, clean, clean. Clean the oven, counter tops, windows, floors, toilets, carpets, furniture, refrigerator, microwave and make sure you eliminate any offensive odors. Often times people grow used to the scent of their pets, etc, So, if you own pets have a friend or neighbor double check after you have cleaned.

Keep the laundry up to date. It is important to merchandise your home like a product.
Once you have cleared the home of clutter and made the house sparkle and shine, you are prepared for the staging which will transform this ordinary space into one that’s colorful and inviting. Soon you will have a streamlined home to sell. Staging provides a home full of ideas and excitement and will sell for 7% to 10% more than an unstaged home. Buyers will enjoy this visual treat that you provide. You will ‘Stand Out’ over the competition, this is your edge.

We set the Standards that others try & copy, that’s why we are in the John L Scotts Top Selling Agents Group.

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