April 28, 2013 Dear Bev, As we are sitting in our beautifully decorated home, I must say our home feels like it must belong to a movie star! It is so beautiful that we just can't stop appreciating all your beautiful touches. It is so beautiful that it tempts us to want to remain here. It seems impossible that any other home could look as beautiful as this one does. In fact, this doesn't help us separate emotionally at all - it makes us much too comfortable!!!!! Thank you so very much for all your hard work and beautiful touches! We appreciate you very much! Kim & Andrew Hill

—Kim & Andrew Hill

May 10th, 2006
Hi Kathy,
We have returned the customer survey form to you/John L. Scott. I just want to write a special note to you to let you know how happy we are with the service of Bev and Bill Lanthorn.
Bev has so many attributes that it is hard to find a place to start. First and forecast, she is very customer-focused. She was always available, even if she was flying out of town and in transit on the day of closing when issues kept on propping up. I think this will bring her success in any sales and marketing role, and will bring long term value to her and her company.
Bev is really a talented designer. After she has staged our rental house that was up for sale, my husband and I thought the rental house was so livable that we were ready to move into that house and have Bev come over and stage our own house. She has extraordinary eyes for interior design and livability. I think her staging is a big selling point and helped to ?wow? our buyers.
Bev is persistently and at the same time flexible. She patiently worked with us on remodeling the rental house, sometime sticking to her ground (e.g., making us paint the house a second time) and sometimes compromised with us. Without her, we would not have moved along in the remodeling project as smoothly as it actually happened.
Bill is the quieter partner. He is the voice of reason and gives us good advice through his quietness. He went the extra miles of coming over to our house to take care of things at very short notice, even to the extent of cleaning drainage and other things that are not pleasant. Bev and Bill are a great partnership.
Last but not least, Bev loves to learn new technologies, and she will learn any new tricks that we impose on her. For example, when we were traveling to Europe (multiple times during the course of selling our house), Bev learned how to do instant messaging, use voice over IP, and send SMS messages to cell phones etc. She is not afraid of trying new technologies and would do all she could to stay in touch. I think this keeps her up to date and be competitive and effective in this market.
Bev is the best real estate agent we have ever had, and we are really pleased with her service. I would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends, and I think she is a great asset of John L. Scott. I wish her all the success she deserves.

—Selena and Steve Wilson

October 8th, 2006
Bev and Bill,
It's only day 3, but we just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous work you've put into our house-selling project. We simply can't believe you got us signed, staged and on the market in a day and a half, not to mention an open house organized beautifully on day 2 -- you must all be exhausted! Amazing work by your whole team, including your staging, window and carpet cleaning crews -- please pass along our thanks.
Meindert and I truly appreciate your partnership with us on this "grand adventure." We knew we were getting the best team when we called you, and our total experience to-date just proves it.
Thanks again,

—Jennifer & Meindert

October 1st, 2005
Hi Cheryl,
EVERYBODY has a real estate agent they're related to, or love, or want to help. I'm recommending Bev Lanthorn at John L. Scott because she'll get you top dollars, I guarantee.
I met Bev through my son's business which is to buy houses to fix them up and to sell them for a profit. Bev's special gift is in helping to stage the house in such a way that it takes my breath away. I've seen 3 results so far this year and I'm convinced that there isn't anyone on HDTV who can stage anywhere near what she can do. She has a couple warehouses full of furniture and accessories that she brings to the house and stages the house so that it absolutely sparkles and shines. She recommends a whole range of things to be done to the house to optimize the sale, including repainting if necessary, redoing the kitchen and bathroom, etc., etc. And, she even has workers she can recommend, one of whom is our friend, Mitch Allcorn.
I do not benefit in anyway from your using Bev, but you'll probably be able to pay for the Tanzania trip out of the extra profit you'll make by having Bev as your selling agent.
Bev's telephone number is 425-688-3639, in case you want to meet with her.
Love you,


January 12th, 2004
My John L. Scott Realtor, Bev Lanthorn provided top service before, during and long after the purchase of our home. Bev has been very professional and has great integrity. From Bev, I get the feeling that John L Scott strives to maintain top quality service and accountability

—Mark Furumasu

September 14th, 2004
Hi Bev,
Just wanted to share that your excellent presentation and staging of our neighbors' house here in Bellevue helped result in a sale price that has significantly raised the appraisal bar for valuation in this area.

—Frank Cohee

May 11, 2003
Dear Bev and Bill,
The two of us are writing to express our deepest gratitude in what both of you have done for us. You took what we felt was impossible into pure reality. The two of us were in a position where we felt that no one could help us and allow us to find a home of our dreams within our budget. With the state of the economy, we were almost convinced that we would never be able to sell our old home at anything else that I taking a significant loss in the process. But that didn't happen. The two of you took us through quite an amazing display of professionalism as well as understanding and tenacity of what the true meaning of real estate agents should be.
We are very impressed by your work; especially your staging work which is just amazing. When you two came to our old house with your crew members, we were not exactly sure what or how our house was going to look after your work. Four hourslater, Our home turned into something absolutely spectacular. We couldn't believe what we saw. Our old house, which was partially furnished with very sparse pieces of furniture here and there, ignited with an appearance of true beauty and amazement. We truly believe that the staging which you two performed really did help significantly in selling our old house very quickly; much quicker than we would have ever imagined.
Not only were you two able to help us sell our old house, but amazingly you two found our new house that we are absolutely falling in love with! Ikue and I were convinced that it would be impossible for anyone to find a home that we would be interested in. With the advent of the Internet and the simplicity of being able to preview and locate homes on your own, we practically lost all understanding of who a true real estate agent should be. Our only thoughts were they were there to open doors and help us with paper work. We were wrong, very wrong. The two of you learned what we liked in a home. You learned our tastes and likes and dislikes. You knew our budget and understood with graciousness and professionalism which we feel many agents sorely lack in today' s world. Our faith h you two really are wonderful. We not only learned what who true real estate agents are, but we have also found true and dear friends. Thank you again, and we are looking forward to working with you sometime in the future!

—Gaven and Ikue Kanemori

December 14, 2003
Dear Mrs. Estey
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all the effort and hard work Bev and Bill Lanthorn put into selling our home. They are so full of energy and enthusiasm, and they produce results quickly. They kept in touch with us on almost a daily basis and marketed the property with flair and consistency.
The property had been listed with other agents previously, with very few showings, and hardly an agent coming to the broker's opens, but when Bev & Bill took it over they had at least twenty-four agents come to their broker's open. And within two weeks, we had our first offer. They know how to market and sell real estate!
Bev also has a special talent in bringing out the best features of the home and the landscaping. In our case, she chose the colors and accessories that brought out the warmth of the wood walls and richness of the carpet, creating a cozy and inviting yet colorful setting.
With Bev and Bill handling the sale of our Issaquah property, we were able to concentrate on the move to our new home. They took care of all the details. Most importantly they have wonderful. personalities and are very warm and caring people. We will most definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a real estate agent.

—Jeff & Rose Berg